Monday, July 17, 2006

Pantone Fall 2006 Colors

Pantone has released their colors for Fall 2006. They are RICH and DEEP and oh so NOT my colors! I am a "summer", and mustard yellow is not in the plan for me. For those of you who can wear these earthy autumn colors, you are getting your revenge for all those years of pink, pink, pink.

Here is Pantone's website link:

As I'm sure you have seen The Devil Wears Prada, Miranda clearly explains how the top fashion designers desicions trickle down to the mass market stores. I am fascinated and appalled at the idea that I clearly have no choice as to the assortment of colors from which I can choose . If you are like me, and your colors aren't "in style", follow me down the mustard yellow brick road.

First of all, figuring out the colors that flatter you are essential. Otherwise you will waste a lot of money on clothes. I suggest finding out what "season" you are. Take a look at Carole Jackson's Color Me Beautiful book. It is dated, but it will give you a start. If you can't get it from the library, I think usually has cheap copies.

For color inspiration I like the book What You Wear Can Change Your Life by those cheeky What Not to Wear Girls. This book is worth skimming through because of the unusual color combinations. I love mixing colors like green and turquoise, both the same level of color and it makes such an interesting contrast. Using this idea can give you so many more combinations with the clothes you already own too. You can also get some funky color combos at the paint store on the paint cards where they combine colors for you. There is nothing "basic" about this type of color combining. When you dare to do this, it will definitely elevate you to advanced fashion status! You will notice people noticing your outfit and how utterly unique it looks.

Now, what if you are in need of clothes. Is the trend this season "you"? Have you been waiting for "your" colors to come around again? I suggest choosing carefully some pieces that will last you awhile. How about a cashmere sweater in a color that matches your eyes?

If these aren't your colors, don't buy them just because they're in style!!! Can I say that again??? KNOW what looks good on you and don't ever buy a color because it is trendy! Avoid a trendy color if it doesn't work for you. If it does work for you, then it doesn't have to be a trend FOR YOU! See what I mean...the trendy color now becomes a classic for you because it is YOUR color.

You know the neutral colors are also trends, but there will always be black and white. I try to avoid it because I wore it too much as a waitress in college, but it looks stunning on some people, usually "winters"

When I say neutral I mean black, navy, chocolate, taupe, british tan, camel, ivory, grey etc. If you are in the need of a suit and your neutral is in stores, you may want to consider a purchase in the next year. There is always black, but grey, navy and the others are difficult to find when you need them. I have been looking for a charcoal grey suit for years and am so happy they will be arriving soon.

Lastly, if you need to purchase and are frustrated with the color selection, don't forget about consignment shops where you can find older styles and maybe just the right colors for you. When you can do without any clothing purchases, take the opportunity to save your money for a purse or accessory that will last you a long time.

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