Saturday, July 15, 2006

More of Myself

Just like I have been editing excess things out of my life, I have been growing out the blonde highlights in my hair. I jumpstarted the process by having about 7 inches cut off. I thought I would miss that hair, but I feel more and more like myself as it grows out. That hair was me trying to be something that I wasn't...well a bleached blonde. It is a freeing process as you stop doing things, or buying things to make yourself become someone different.

Now, I am not saying I'll never get highlights again. After all I am a woman and I like to change things up a bit. That is my disclaimer, but my goal is actually to work with my natural color and texture. It's the same with all other bits of marketing that we buy into that makes us believe that we are not good enough as we are. Have you noticed that we are constantly told we are not good enough? We become convinced that we need to look outside ourselves to be complete, in particular we need to BUY something or even eat or take something miraculous.

This constant attack of marketing sends us in constant pursuit of buying health and happiness. I am currently taking July off from shopping and have deemed it the no credit card use month. It is a breath of fresh air to stop seeing everything that I don't have but may want. If you take a month to quit the addiction of "want" and stop to see what you already have, it may just change your perspective and eventually your life outlook.

So, my mission is to help you clear out the closet clutter from your house and the psychological clutter from your heads. Start by taking a month for no shopping. Look around you and see what you can donate to others. Organize a drawer and start to love and treasure what you own. Wash your lingerie by hand with a lavender scented soap. See the beauty you own already!

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