Thursday, July 13, 2006

May I present myself...

I call myself the Closet Therapist because I have deemed it a physchology of sorts to investigate people's closets. Pardon the cliche, but there really are skeletons in people's closets. I love to root around and figure out what psyschoanalysis I can perform by just seeing the contents of one's closet.

Although I am no fashion guru, I'm great at minimizing and helping people just say no to clunky shoes and even tunic sweaters, yes they do still exist. Sometimes it comes to an all out tug of war with articles of clothing, but I usually win. Usually I don't have to resort to outright shame for wanting to keep things, but it has been known to happen. It is for the best of all involved.

Now, all is fine and dandy when I am called upon to do an overhaul on someone else's wardrobe, but I also have my own neuroses. This is why I can relate to other people because I know how hard it has been to let go of sentimental dresses, expensive designer clothes, oh you get the idea. So occasionally I will become pedantic about other's downfalls, but only because I have jumped over that hurdle and am beckoning them to join me. Join me in the land of free from closet clutter, that is!

It is a beautiful thing to have a pared down closet, always a work in progress. The progression is the fun though! Having a great wardrobe is a reflection of your developing relationship with yourself. The better you know yourself, the better your clothes will reflect that self.

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