Friday, July 14, 2006

Illusion or Reality?

I was thinking about how people tend to shop for clothes that don't always fit their needs. It seem that what you need to buy should be a logical, straightforward task that involves a list of things to buy, then buying them. HA!!! Is there anything more confusing and distracting than shopping? It is so hard to keep focus when you walk into the store, it's no wonder we can't answer the questions "Who am I?" and "What do I need to wear to suit my lifestyle?" It's so much more appealing to imagine yourself an off-duty ballerina or perhaps a long, lean lady suited to wear those Ralph Lauren equine looks.

Wouldn't it be great to have a reality mirror, where you can see yourself as you really are? This mirror isn't meant to show you actual lumps and bulges, (we see those!), but to say to you that this outfit doesn't really suit your lifestyle. Perhaps a reminiscence of Snow White's mirror? Mirror, mirror on the wall, will this outfit be ok after my child spills chocolate milk on it and I have to launder it? Will this outfit take me from the park with said little clumsy child to a relaxing evening with my husband? Does this outfit say to the world what I want to express? Mirror, are you there?

Well, I suppose a trusted friend, a truly honest, fashionable friend could perform this service for you. Or me, if you are in Houston, but why is it so difficult to see these things for ourselves? Are we living in an illusion of who we are, or who we hope to be?

What is the reality of your lifestyle, and how can you dress for it? Look in your closet and see what you keep buying that may fit a dream life that you don't actually have. Maybe this is an indication that it's time to do something about that dream. Or perhaps you need to realize you are not a teenager anymore.

What's in your closet? Please send your comments!

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