Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Contentment is Anti-Christ of Fashion World

As I am almost through with my month-long goal of no credit card usage and no Galleria shopping, I'm starting to have these strange feelings. They are feelings of peace and contentment with myself and my belongings. I've decided that feelings like these are the anti-christ of the fashion world. You know they fully operate on us not being content with what we have.

So that leaves me with the question, could I be getting over the addiction after only one month? Have I magically put everything in the perfect perspective after just one short month of cold turkey? Well, I don't think I am cured, but it's a step in right direction. There are rumblings in my head that I may be missing something, perhaps a sale or a preview for the fall. It is natural to have withdrawal pains, I guess.

This month has helped me stay focused on other things that are important to me. I've organized my house, read books, talked with friends, cooked new recipes and practiced new eye shadow techniques (right before I take it off--bad green eyeshadow!). That was the point of this project, to not just be interested in my appearance, but devote the time to cultivate other interests not related to something I need to buy to feel pretty or complete. I can approach my wardrobe in a sane, thoughtful process to serve me, and not be filling some emotional need or responding to an ad campaign or free gift with purchase.

Currently I am thinking about my fall wardrobe, making a wish list as I see what is coming around and what I wanted last year but didn't get. I have to say I'm not impressed with the new fashions, the ones very reminiscent of Madonna circa 1985. They say if you live through a trend once, you should forgo it the second time. Supposedly it's because you are too old when it happens, but I think it's just that queasy feeling because you remember what it was like to BE that age. Who wants to go through adolescence again?

Being on a sabbatical from shopping helps me think clearly about what I will purchase for fall. I can dream of my fully functioning wardrobe without being distracted from all the other items that I don't need in the stores. May I suggest an actual WISH LIST for yourself. It can be infinitely useful because when you are shopping you remember that you really needed a brown turtleneck and not another red purse. Also, when someone wants to buy you a present, you remember something that you really wanted. I have books and cds on my list too.

I am continuing my experiment for the rest of July and perhaps even August, but I don't know, let's not get too crazy. I will have the goal to continue this feeling of peacefully and proactively planning my wardrobe. It deserves thought and my hard earned money deserves to be well spent. When I have a flashback of scavenging through those sale racks wishing that lady out of my way because she is looking at my size, well I don't even know who that girl is anymore. Now, that's progress.

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